Winter Car Maintenance

For those who never experience ice and snow during winter, you can rest easy. But before you do that, just know that last year some unexpected regions in Canada experienced snowy winter. You are never sure of what dreadful winter package is coming to your home town. The best way out of this, and be sure of getting to your destination, is getting your vehicle ready for winter.

At Bluenose Auto Service, we have seen the frustrations and sorry faces on auto owners every time the cold months swing by. We want you to always stay ahead of the storm with this ultimate winter maintenance checklist.

Scrape the exterior clean

For the entire year, your vehicle has collected lots of dirt and grime on the outside. Scrap all this buildup in readiness for the chilling cold months. To keep away the barrage of road salt and snow, apply a quality coat of wax. You will be ready to dare any storm and come through unscathed on the other end.


Check and ascertain your battery is in good condition

You may have enjoyed to the last drop of the summer months. Driving to the countryside and back and checking into some of your bucket list overdue items. What you should know is that summer heat takes a toll on vehicle batteries. It explains why you always get a dead battery shocker the first snowy morning of winter. Have your battery tested, cleaned and charged to capacity. If it needs replacement, do not hesitate.


Keep your visibility maximum

Any time you drive, seeing where you are headed to should be a priority. It gets more critical during the cold months. Your first task is to make sure all lights are working properly. If you notice any yellow or dim light, the bulbs are asking for a replacement. You should also have the lenses cleaned. If you are expecting heavy snow and ice, it is advisable you fit in new windshield wipers. We recommend that you use deicing fluid in the washer tank. All these will come in handy during the thickest winter mornings.


Get winter tires and regularly check pressure

With winter encroaching to areas they only expected wet roads and scanty water puddles, you are never sure of what to expect in your area. The best advice is to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Fitting winter tires is one sure way to tame any challenge the cold weather will be throwing your way. They are suited for ice and snow and for those tricky roads you have to use.

It is not only dipping temperatures you should be worried about. The drop in mercury means an equally significant drop in tire pressure. Precisely, every drop of 10-degree in air pressure leads to 1 pound drop in tire pressure. Keep your tires at optimum pressure to get better engine performance, great fuel economy, and long service.

Oil change

With cold weather, lots of vehicle owners ignore oil changes. It is a mistake you do not want to make during this winter. If possible, change to synthetic oil (only if it is appropriate for your vehicle). The synthetic oil is not adversely affected by chilly temperatures. It will not require you to warm up your car every morning, which saves on fuel.

Test the antifreeze

Did you know that your engine’s cooling system is made up of equal parts of antifreeze and water? You better know. The antifreeze keeps the water from both condensing and freezing, both of which can cause unimaginable damage to the engine. You should therefore take your antifreeze for a test. The test shows how low it would be for the ambient temperature to freeze your engine.


Is winter giving your perennial stress about your car? Take a deep breath and relax, Bluenose Auto Service has your back. We will make your vehicle invincible during this winter and the rest of cold seasons.

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