Transmission Repairs and Maintenance

Having Transmission Nightmares? We are here to help

How long have you owned a vehicle? Long enough to know that transmission is a crucial aspect to the overall good “health” of your ride. Yes, you should never take chances with it as you might have a long day on the road. At Bluenose Auto Service, we understand all these and want to make your life easy with the best transmission services. Our team of seasoned professionals works tirelessly to make sure you stay on the road all the time you want to. We do not make a promise we don’t deliver. Try us on this one and be the judge.

Affordable, reliable transmission services near you

They say owning a vehicle is expensive. We say it depends on where you take it for services. At our repair center we deliver quality services at ridiculously affordable prices. All around the year, for the four seasons, we are at your beck and call. We will never abandon you at the hour of need. You need peace of mind? That’s exactly what we are serving to all our customers.

Tell-tale Signs your Transmission needs Specialist Inspection

Vehicles are like our bodies. They sent warning signs when things start to go wrong. For the wise auto owner, you never wait for things to get out of hand. Don’t they say, “Delayed service is a denied right”? Yes it is and you will be punished with a massive repair bill if you do not immediately take your vehicle for check up when it shows the following symptoms:


Regular power losses


Weird noise and whining every time you accelerate


Slipping gears with rough gear shifting


Leaking fluids


Burning smell

These and more symptoms are not only specific to transmission problems. It could be a score of other issues. The holiest thing to do is come to us for thorough diagnostics and inspection. We will dig deep into it until we establish the exact problem before we prescribe the solution. We are that good in our trade.

Transmission Services we deliver

Whatever vehicle, whichever model; there is never a challenge we can’t match. Ours is a one-stop shop for all transmission maintenance and repair services. Come to us and expect these and more:


Fluid checks and refill


Repair and maintenance


Wear and tear inspection


Transmission system overhaul


Transmission system tune-up

State-of-the-art facilities and equipment

We know how hard it could be for you to choose the right repair shop for your vehicle needs. We never want you to be in a hard position to make the right decision. That is why we have heavily invested in up-to-date facilities and equipment. As technology marches into the future, we make sure we are not left behind. Our repair center is like the dream come true for many auto owners as we give them topnotch services. For every repair problem you bring to us, we have an equally comprehensive technology not only to solve it but also prevent it happening in the future.

Why Transmission Maintenance and Repairs should be mandatory

Transmission fluid, just like the rest, degenerates through contamination or otherwise. This puts transmission parts in the line of immense friction. Tear and wear will set in, and without proper maintenance you should begin to count your losses. With time, the entire system becomes ineffective and the next thing you realize is total failure. At this stage, you are looking at thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Why let things come down to this? We are the hands and brains you can trust with your vehicle. Our pride and passion is to see your vehicle on the road doing what you bought it for. Make your appointment today, and let us make you a happy auto owner.

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Client’s Reviews

GREAT service AL and Dana handled my maintenance warranty problems very nicely. I would highly recommend Bluenose Motors to all

Tom Staite

Have bought several great cars from Bluenose motors over the years and had excellent service after the sale as well. Al and his great team bring a family feel that keeps us coming back.

Robert Hodgson

The best car shop I have been in BC. Very knowledgeable sales person and friendly staff. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.

Petra Jandova

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