Steering and Suspension

Steering and Suspension Services: Staying ahead of the Brewing Tornado

It is very easy to overlook some of the things in your vehicle. Steering and suspensions fall in this category of most ignored aspects. You hardly know the role they play until they start failing. It begins with a little discomfort. Before long, it becomes an exceedingly difficult task to control your ride. This is the time you wish you had a reliable auto repair shop in your fast dial.

Don’t worry about that, we are here for you. At Bluenose Auto Services, we know the pain that comes with faulty steering and suspensions. Our mechanics have earned the trust of auto owners and we intend to keep our name flying high with quality, affordable and timely services.

The Repair Center that puts your interests first

We understand it took you a fortune to buy you vehicle, and it is taking much more to keep it in good shape. That is why we never want to overburden you with more costs. Our services are right there with the very best. We make sure we only fix or replace what is necessary and bill you specifically for that. No hidden costs or charges.

Our guarantee for quality is not merely words out of our mouths. We have aggressively invested in technology and equipment for the job. We also make sure that our team of technicians is not your average guys; ours are the best minds and able hands in the industry. Once you get to us, you can relax and let the pros do their thing. When you drive off from our center, your state of suspensions and steering will be better than when your vehicle left the showroom.

Your steering and suspension system is failing when:


You notice your tires are wearing out unevenly


Comfort becomes a luxury every time you ride


When you are struggling to control your vehicle


Strange loud noise when crossing bumps


Extremely hard turning


Fluid leaking from the strut/shock unit

With these symptoms, your vehicle is trying to communicate. You should heed and come to us for help because we can decipher whatever code your ride is sending to you. Don’t hesitate because you are only a few turns from paying thousands of dollars in repairs.

Services we offer


Wheel alignment


Replacing shocks and struts


Replacing control arms


Replacement of brushing and sway bar links


Inspecting your spring, struts, and shocks


Inspecting and replacing hoses, pumps, and racks


Tightening and replacing worn out wheel bearings


Complete evaluation of the suspension and steering system

Let us help make your driving experience better

We have earned praise home and away. Our customers trust us and our services, and we strive to keep giving them the best. We listen to you, test drive your vehicle before doing anything else. It is only after ascertaining your vehicle’s problems that we recommend the appropriate action. If it is replacing or repairing, we make sure it is the right thing for you. With us, you are getting peace of mind, affordability, and above all; someone you can trust. Make an appointment today and let the experts completely redefine comfortable driving.

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Client’s Reviews

GREAT service AL and Dana handled my maintenance warranty problems very nicely. I would highly recommend Bluenose Motors to all

Tom Staite

Have bought several great cars from Bluenose motors over the years and had excellent service after the sale as well. Al and his great team bring a family feel that keeps us coming back.

Robert Hodgson

The best car shop I have been in BC. Very knowledgeable sales person and friendly staff. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.

Petra Jandova

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