Starting, Charging and Electrical Systems

You may try to go fast, but all you get is that sluggish pull from your vehicle. It is time you know that the starting, charging, and electrical systems are up for a professional check. These three are what keep your car working hard and giving you the speed you so much need. It could start with battery failure, but there is a big problem underneath. Don’t guess anything. We are here for this work. Bluenose Auto Services will streamline these systems and give your vehicle the power it needs to complete your every journey without any incidence.

Understanding the electrical systems of your vehicle

You see, those small bits you hardly care about are what make your car move. The starting and charging units are the critical parts to ensure that power is supplied to every other part that needs them, say the wipers.

It is the starting system that begins a chain of reactions that gets every part to work as it is supposed to. The starter gets energy from the auto battery then converts that into mechanical energy. This is where you hear a roar that puts a smile on your face. Your vehicle starts moving, slowly at first. After driving for a considerable distance, the engine is now fully awake and armed to take you wherever you want to go. The starter has done its part and hands over to the charging system.

It will surprise to know that the charger does the complete opposite of what the starter does. It converts some of the mechanical energy back to electrical energy. The latter regenerates and recharges the battery. This completes a full cycle of creation and replenishment of energy necessary for all operations of your vehicle.

As the system works to keep you going to work and running your everyday errands, tear and wear set in. Corrosion shows up at the battery and you now start to experience a series of problems, which we thankfully handle for you.

How to tell when the charging and electrical systems need check up

Most of the problems with these systems have much to do with the alternator. As fate would have, there are scores of ways to know when you should make an appointment with us.


Burnt smell: there are hundreds, if not more, moving parts in the starting and charging systems. These parts will corrode and breakdown and you begin to notice an unusual smell. Do not wait any more as this could lead to more problems.


Poor starting: you will find that you will need to attempt a few times to get your vehicle started. It then gets worse and your car won’t start at all. The moment you see the first sign of trouble, bring your vehicle to the experts. You may think that this is a problem with the starter, but wait until we inspect the entire system. It could be the battery is not charging well or a few broken parts. Whatever it is the problem; we will find and fix it.


Dim lights: If you notice any of your lights dimmed, then it points to a problem with the alternator. Again, the battery is not getting adequate power for a couple of reasons. Run to us and we will resolve this in a few minutes and you will go on your way to have fun.


Dark or light brown: It is your engine oil leaking. The gasket may be failing, a hose is broken or an engine component is damaged.

Our set of services


Alternator, battery, and starter replacement


Computer reprogramming


Wire and cable repairs

When your vehicle shows the slightest signs of problems, take it to the professionals for checks. You will save yourself hundreds of dollars in repairs. We are dedicated to see your ride function 100% all the time. Talk to us now and we will make sure that you electrical systems will never taste a failure.

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GREAT service AL and Dana handled my maintenance warranty problems very nicely. I would highly recommend Bluenose Motors to all

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The best car shop I have been in BC. Very knowledgeable sales person and friendly staff. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.

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