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When your vehicle needs heating & air conditioning repairs, you cannot trust just anyone with it. You need someone with the experience, the knowhow, and the right tools for the job. That description accurately captures what we are at Bluenose Auto Services. Our certified technicians are trained for the job, seasoned, and always know the right solution to every problem. Our services are the best and the prices are pocket-friendly. It is not by chance we are in everyone’s lips; we deliver quality and affordable services.

Is it time you get A/C Repairs?

Did you just turn on your car’s A/C and get zero response? This is the clearest sign that you need you A/C checked and repaired.

The good bit is that you get warning signs when anything is about to go wrong. When you notice that your heating and air conditioning is not doing what it is supposed to do, do not panic. Make some notes on what you can see (or don’t see) and bring your car to us. We will pick it from there.

Signs that is it not all well with your A/C


Coolant puddles around your vehicle


Low air pressure from the vents


Warm air when it is supposed to be cold air. This is a dead giveaway that you need to get expert’s help right away.

The best experts for your heating and air conditioning repairs

We know how urgent you need your A/C to function. With us you are getting the best quality services for your money. We know every big and small bit of the heating and air conditioning system. Our experts will do a thorough examination of the system, diagnose the issues and recommend the best solution. We work on your vehicle right away and get you back on the road before you miss a vital appointment. No matter what kind of weather, we will make your ride comfortable. And for all these, you are only paying us at pocket-friendly rates.

My A/C is only pumping warm air

Calm down, it is not that the world is about to end. Drive to our shop and let us inspect your system. We will do a recharge and an evac. One of our experts will take out the older Freon and do a refill. The system will also be tested for any leaks. By the time you leave, the heating and A/C system will be as good as new. You can now dare the warm weather and give it the treat it deserves.


I’m getting no air

On this one, it could be a collection of problems. The blower motor could be dead. It could as well be the compressor or resistor. Let us stop with the guessing. Come to us and our technicians will do a thorough inspection and testing to find the real problem. We promise you will have your ride ready and functional in a short while.

Our A/C services

We handle anything and everything about heating and A/C systems. We are the guys you can trust with your vehicle. Our expertise is and not limited to the following areas:




Air filters


Resistors and blower motor fans


A/C compressors, evaporators, and receiver dryers

As our customer, your desire is our command. We do all we can to give you the best services. We are happy when you are and that is why we make sure you always leave satisfied. Do not let the heat or cold throw your comfort out of the window when you drive. Let us handle your problems and leave you with the easy task of enjoying your drive. Call us now and make your reservation. Your experience will never be the same.

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GREAT service AL and Dana handled my maintenance warranty problems very nicely. I would highly recommend Bluenose Motors to all

Tom Staite

Have bought several great cars from Bluenose motors over the years and had excellent service after the sale as well. Al and his great team bring a family feel that keeps us coming back.

Robert Hodgson

The best car shop I have been in BC. Very knowledgeable sales person and friendly staff. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.

Petra Jandova

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