Oh My! I’m getting Fluid and Oil Leaks

Noticing oil spots on the floor of your garage? Losing fluids at an alarming rate before every refill? We know, it is scary but there is no cause for alarm. Bluenose Auto Services is the place you should come to right away.

As you gain mileage and your vehicle ages, leaks become common place. So, are we saying this is normal? Yes it is, but fat big NO to live with them. And you can do something about them. You can let us monitor your oil and fluids and refill them when necessary. That is the temporary solution. But there is something you need to know with leaks. They tend to become worse with time. If you leave them to be, lots of oil or coolant will be lost and the consequences are massive. With little or no lubrication and overheating, your engine will take huge beating. Let’s not go there because we are talking about thousands of dollars for repairs.

Put a stop to the bleeding

Want to stop this daily bleeding? Of course you do. Start by paying keen attention to the fluids and oil in your vehicle. Make observation on the floors of your garage and the driveway or any other place you park your car. When you see a fluid or oil spot, follow up and know where they are coming from. There is not much you can do by yourself so let us know and we will stop it before things get worse.

Let our experts help

It is not once or twice but many times we have seen vehicles coming to us and when we use the dipstick we get zero oil on it. Do you know what this means? The engine’s moving parts have been “eating” into each other for quite some time. Such vehicle owners are quite lucky that they were never left stranded at a lonely road with their phone battery dead.

We always advise our customers to be proactive with any sort of leaks. Do not let things escalate when all you have to do is bring your ride for some servicing. No leak is too small to worry about. It is better to spend a few dimes when the problem is small than breaking your bank when the engine breaks down.

Why I’m I getting the leaks? It is supposed to be a closed system

It is always never easy explaining oil and fluid leaks to our customers. But we try making them understand. For new cars, the oil and fluid systems are largely sealed. But you know age catches up with everything (and everyone too). As your mileage clocks more than 100,000 miles, seals around valves and rings on oil pistons lose their elasticity and it becomes hard to remain leakproof. It always starts in a small way and if you take action at this early stage you will have no fears.

Deciphering the Leak Codes

In your vehicle’s system, a number of fluids keep it doing what it does. They all come in different colors. Therefore, to identify what fluid is leaking you should know the basic of the color scheme. Hold on, we will help you with that too:


Red/Pink: This happens a lot to new vehicles. It could be leaks at the automatic transmission, the steering column or the cooling system. The tell-tale signs are poor transmission, heavy steering or overheating.


Blue/Green: Some, not all, brake fluids come in blue or green. Leaks in these colors would point to braking system leakages. If this is the case you will feel sponginess when pressing the brake pedal and poor braking precision. There is also a probability of a cooling system leakage. Overheating and burnt smell should help you make an easy diagnosis.


Clear leaks: It is your air conditioner draining out condensation thus there is no need to worry. In other cases it is a broken windshield fluid bottle. You should replace it.


Dark or light brown: It is your engine oil leaking. The gasket may be failing, a hose is broken or an engine component is damaged.

Our recommendations

We recommend that you check oil and fluid levels at least once in a month. Or you could develop the habit of doing the checks every time you visit the filling station. This way you will stay ahead of the leaks. You will never get a catastrophic engine problem that could probably ground your car for good.

We fix fluid and Oil leaks

Auto leaks are not easy to live with. They draw attention to you at the place of work and any other public parking space. You are easy to pick from the crowd of auto owners. That may not bother you much, but what about when you decide to sell your car? Many buyers will be repelled by the leaks and walk away from your offer. Put the shame to a stop. Bring your vehicle to us and we will make it leakproof. You know the drill: call us now for an appointment.

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