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Let us use the analogy of the human heart. As long as your heart is healthy and pumping, there is a lot of life in your body. It is the same case with your vehicle’s engine. If it is in perfect condition, over 80% of your vehicle is equally in perfect shape. What does that mean to you as an auto owner? Your car or truck’s engine needs care and repairs to keep it in tiptop shape.

And who would you trust with such a delicate matter close to your heart? Bluenose Auto Services has been, and still, is the center for all auto engine and related services. We have a team that is passionate, trained, certified, and knows nothing else other than keeping auto owners happy with the best quality and affordable services.

Engine care and repair like no other

You do know how expensive some auto repairs and services can get, right? We are here to prove to you that it does not have to cost you an arm and leg to take care of your vehicle’s engine. All you need is to find the best experts who do not put money before what you are getting. We are your best bet and what we give you is miles better than what anyone else is offering. Don’t trust our word of mouth. Book your appointment and come witness it firsthand.

Engine Mechanical Services We Deliver

We know. Your engine and auto repairs are diverse; and that is an understatement. We have listened. We have learned. In our repair center, we have all your needs covered under one roof (and we mean that to the last syllable). Count on us to deliver these and more:


Oil change


Computer diagnostics


Valve, hose and pump cleaning and repairs


Ignition repairs


Engine maintenance, inspections, and checks


Check engine light diagnosis


Filter replacement


Engine tune-ups


Complete engine overhaul


Electrical system repairs


Emission repairs

Our A-List Team of Technicians

Auto engine, especially for the modern vehicle, is a complicated system. It is built to deliver excellent performance thus the complex matrix. It is not everyone who can deal with the challenge of engine repairs and maintenance. Some may say on paper that their expertise is beyond reproach. But wait until they are done, and your vehicle cannot move an inch. We have assembled a team of technicians versed with every dynamic of vehicle engine. They are seasoned, hold federal and regional certification, earned field experience, and 101% dedicated to what they do. Your satisfaction comes before anything else and that is why we have assembled a team that others can only dream of.

Take Care of your Auto Engine and it will reciprocate that ten times more

You know what goes round comes round. You do not get to neglect your vehicle and expect it to give you convenience and peace of mind. What you get are endless breakdowns, stellar repair bills and you never enjoy a day with your ride.

Why not do right by your vehicle engine and reap the fruits ten times more? We are going to make sure it never comes to endless headaches with your vehicle. Don’t wait any longer, get in touch today and we will relieve you from your burden. Call Bluenose Auto Service  today, not later.

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Client’s Reviews

GREAT service AL and Dana handled my maintenance warranty problems very nicely. I would highly recommend Bluenose Motors to all

Tom Staite

Have bought several great cars from Bluenose motors over the years and had excellent service after the sale as well. Al and his great team bring a family feel that keeps us coming back.

Robert Hodgson

The best car shop I have been in BC. Very knowledgeable sales person and friendly staff. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.

Petra Jandova

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