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Parksville Automotive Cooling System Repairs

Until you have it rough with the summer heat, your auto cooling system is (or so seems) to be a total waste of money. That is when you will scroll down your phone contacts a number of times hoping to find a handy guy who can help you out.

Do not go through this hassle when all you need is a call to Bluenose Auto Services. We pride ourselves for being the masters of auto cooling and heating systems near here. From our great track record, the massive number of customers who trust us, and the enviable facility we have here; you can never be at a better place.

The importance of the cooling system

When the cooling unit is functional, the coolant is able to circulate through the engine reducing the effect of heat on parts such as the gasket. It is important that you make sure that the system is working and if not, come to us for check up and repairs. Do not wait for things to get worse because you never want the repair bills to get big, do you?

Symptoms for a faltering system

It is not rocket science to know when there is an issue with the cooling function in your vehicle. If your ride is getting hotter than it used to or the temperature increases as you drive, then you have a problem. At other times you could spot a green or orange fluid under your vehicle. For others you may notice something that smells like maple syrup. Your car is trying to send you a message and you should come to us for inspection. We will know whatever the problem is with your system and solve it immediately.

The Services you deserve

With your car running smoothly, all you can do is smile behind the wheel. With your cooling unit maintained, the last thing you worry about is heat. With us, you are getting specialized services and attention to details. We will check the entire system, inspect the radiator, and change the antifreeze.  And yes, we are very affordable. With our seasoned technicians, expect us to exceed your expectations.

Services we deliver


Radiator flushing


Complete system flush


Heater replacements and repairs


Thermostat and fan replacement


Water pump checks

We are by no means defined by this short list of services. We have a complete facility and the technicians to do anything about auto cooling. Drive to our shop near you and you will be impressed by what goes on here.

Our Experts are waiting your call

It is time you put a stop to those disappointments every time summer comes around. What you need is someone who understands auto cooling. You are looking at that guy right now. We are the unrivaled auto service providers you do not need any convincing to choose. Our history sets our records straight and in this race we are always the ultimate winner. We are waiting for you. Set a date with us today and let us take care of your vehicle.

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Client’s Reviews

GREAT service AL and Dana handled my maintenance warranty problems very nicely. I would highly recommend Bluenose Motors to all

Tom Staite

Have bought several great cars from Bluenose motors over the years and had excellent service after the sale as well. Al and his great team bring a family feel that keeps us coming back.

Robert Hodgson

The best car shop I have been in BC. Very knowledgeable sales person and friendly staff. I would highly recommend this shop to anyone.

Petra Jandova

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