Bluenose auto mechanic services near this location


Are you the kind of a vehicle owner who only trusts the dealership repairs and maintenance? You are not alone; quite a number of vehicle owners are in your boat. Well, it is understandable why you are not comfortable with any other arrangement for your vehicle repairs. And your reasons are valid, anyway. For you, a repair shop close by has never crossed your mind. Your dealership repair shop is quite a distance from your home or office. You always have to drive for hours, deal with crazy traffic, and part with a sizable amount of cash. Don’t you think that is a bad deal? Have you ever thought how hectic it would be if your car broke down right at home or miles away from your dealership? Let me break it down for you. You will be greatly inconvenienced probably having to use public transport to run your errands, pay a fortune to have you car towed, and a fortune to get it fixed. Well, with biting economic times sparing no one; you would want to rethink your auto repair options. How about a repair shop close by? It is an interesting proposal, right? It is more than that, and we are getting to that in a few.

The convenience of a repair shop near me

Come to think of it, a repair shop near here has a lot to offer. You can give them a call when you are stranded and they will be there for you. It does not matter the hour of the day; you will be sorted and be on your way. That’s not even the best part. Wait until you hear all of it. Their services are affordable, you are getting top quality spare parts, and no hassle at all. Who wouldn’t want such convenience? Every vehicle owner would give anything for this hassle-free auto repair and maintenance offer in the heart of your neighborhood.

Auto Repair and Maintenance Services at your Doorstep

Bluenose Auto Services is near this location with a basketful of quality auto services. We have been part of every happy vehicle repair story in and around Parksville. Our belief is to meet every customer’s needs, satisfy everyone who drives through our gates seeking help, and build a community of happy auto owners. Do you even have an idea of our package of services? Be our guest.

  • Auto repair and maintenance: regular maintenance and repairs are like visiting your physician often. You will never be caught up by surprise. Let no one lie to you; give your vehicle what you would expect it to give back. You want it being the beast on the road? Take it for maintenance and repairs to the best experts.
  • All tire services: without tires, well, yours is not a vehicle. You need the best tires for each season. A local shop that stocks all brands and sizes is your best bet. Bluenose happens to such a shop and we are just around the corner.
  • Wheel alignment: a flawless ride is all you need. Wheel alignment should be part of your maintenance routine. Have it done in a repair center with top-shelf equipment and you will be all smiles for the entire journey.

The list of services is longer than you see here. Just drive into our center and we will attend to your problems and completely solve them.

Why would you trust your vehicle with a repair shop nearby?

This is a question that many auto owners ask all the time. It is understandable you have your reservation about who gets to work on your vehicle. Why would you trust auto mechanics near this location?

  • Trained and certified technicians: do not judge a book by its cover. These experts nearby are fully qualified and certified. Additionally, years of experience gives them an edge. Your vehicle is at the best hands.
  • Affordable prices: these local auto experts want repeat customers thus they competitively price their services. You are getting more value for your money. They are dedicated to meeting your expectations so that you never go anywhere else.
  • Available around the clock: vehicles do not choose the time to break down. It could be late into the night or very early in the morning. To stay ahead of this uncertainty, you need an auto expert who can leave the warmth of his blanket and come to your rescue. That is the kind of guarantee you get from auto repair centers near you.
  • Wide scope of specialties: is yours a boat, RV, truck, classic car or any other vehicle? Hold your horse, these guys got your back covered. Their expertise is broad and they do each with finesse.
  • Attention to the smallest details: It is easy to miss some small details in vehicle repairs. In the long run these misses are costly. Thanks to the attention to details by mechanics nearby, you are never under any risk to miss anything.
  • Customer satisfaction guaranteed: as you drive off, you will make a promise to come back. Prompt service and the courtesy you are accorded will melt your heart with satisfaction.
  • Original genuine parts: your vehicle is unique and special. To keep it that way for the years you intent, it has to be serviced with genuine parts. Your local auto guy understands that and will not bite your finger. He will use his established network to get you the right parts.

Professionalism at its best, and you don’t have to go far looking for it

For those sleepless nights you have had for the longest time, it is now time to sleep soundly. Auto experts close to here are taking charge of your vehicle needs. Leave all the worries to them and go on with your business like a king. When there is anything your vehicle needs, only a call and the experts will leap into action. It has never been a better time to own a vehicle than now. You have the experts around the corner ready to help whenever and wherever. Can it get better than that?